Have you heard about R Programming. Here we clarify....

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R Programming

Just a letter and may be a way to future!!
R is a simple user friendly language used for interpret, interact and visualize data. It’s a software for statistical programming environment and a generic programming language concepts as they are implemented in a high level statistical language. It is especially designed for data analysis faster than users of legacy software, with flexibility in mix and match models for better results. Practical issues involved are to program, read data, access packages, and provide working examples.

Why go for it?
Data Analytics and Management has many challenges for any industry. The major challenges being volume and frequency of data, variation, identification of the most valuable pools of data. These problems can be simply cleared by using this language. We can find, download and use best community reviewed methods in statistics and predictive modeling from leading scientists in data science without any charge. Yes it is absolutely free!!

Steps involved in getting to know about R language is pretty simple and quick. All we need to do is write our code initially and then improvise the data using statistics. We can reinstate the data sets to figure out better analysis of the data. Data visualization can be done through various interactive plots and then, comes the final step of big data.

What’s so special about it?

R represents complex data showing beyond bar and line plots. Multidimensional data with multi-panel charts, 3-D surfaces and many more interesting info-graphs can be plotted. R programs are easily scripted and understandable for further passing on to produce research and deployable production.

Well, keeping things aside, R is used by data scientists worldwide to create social and media marketing to developing financial and climatic models that helps driving our economy and community.

We can sit back to observe the world changing with this software!!

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