4 latest Microsoft innovations that clicked and actually amazed people

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4 latest Microsoft innovations that clicked and actually amazed people

Microsoft has rocked the world, still rocking and going to ROCK as well in the future…Here, Microsoft showcased again the best of 4 new innovations that really wins people heart.

 1. The Surface Tablet

When Apple launched an iPad back in 2010, the tablet market took a new height. People are fond to complement between a laptop and a smartphone, and many inventions have jumped up because of the device admiration. These are really awesome for the business, and they are truly super for play; however, the ability was somehow absent to perform with a comparative power as a computer or laptop. This was the story, until Microsoft released the much awaited Surface tablet. This is a great gadget which in general almost all users were thinking and expecting a device like this to be in market. It is small, with a touch screen, as well as a snap-on keyboard.

Windows gamble big on Windows 8 to work flawlessly on both the desktop and Surface ecosystems. The idea has resulted in a warm response with regard to desktop interface and windows 8 has demonstrated to be much satisfactory experience on the tablet as well. It may take some time to be user accustomed, but just like the Xbox, Microsoft is in it for the long haul on this one. The Surface stands to advance as more of people come into this market.

 2. Microsoft Sync

Recently, Microsoft and Ford have partnered to bring Sync. In many new cars, car users can use apps on the phone via voice activation which means one need to worry about picking up the phone if it rings. In addition to this, you can also use apps like Pandora (in US, NZ & AUS) or even start turn-by-turn directions without ever touching your phone or taking your eyes off the road. This is a big help to many drivers which stops driver distractions and can have better smooth driving experience.

 3. Xbox 360

In spite of Microsoft’s confusing communication regarding the Xbox One’s DRM policies, though now it is reversed, the Xbox 360 is still one of the highest selling media devices in the market. As of April, Forbes reported that Microsoft has a subscriber base of 46 million out of the total of 77 million total Xbox 360 units sold. That’s a pretty decent market share considering the competitiveness of the industry. Xbox 360 still remains a very profitable and highly regarded product in the consumer electronics industry.

4. Microsoft Office

Guy’s, how we can forget about Microsoft which has touched billions of heart and no talk on Microsoft can be complete without latest innovative enhancements of Microsoft Office. This is an elephant product of the company and nearly every computer in every home and office uses this software. It has become so popular that Microsoft has extended its availability on Apple’s OS and iOS as well. Ahaha, a well-deserved kudos for this. So, Office is ready to reach and rock everywhere now….

The new sleek look of Office 13 has got lot of customer attraction and users are simply loving it even more.

By saying this, Microsoft is always customer centric and lead the Industry and keep winning hearts with its technology and super amazing user experience.  

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What is Machine Learning…Even Kids will get to know post reading this post

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What is Machine Learning…

Learn in a hilarious way, what is Machine Learning…we are sure each and every one of you of any age group will get to know about Machine Learning, post reading this article….So, Happy Reading!!!

As we all know about Parrot fortune telling and you know what parrot does. Parrot sits before the fortune teller and the latter opens the cage and lets the parrot out. He instructs the parrot to pick a card for the patron. The parrot walks over to the cards, picks one from the stack or the spread with its beak and gives it to the astrologer. It then walks back inside its cage. The astrologer opens the card and based on the image tells the fortune of the patron.

Now, you might be thinking why we are telling all this and how it is related to machine learning, hahaha, the writer is crazy….Hold on your horses guys, you are about to understand the point…

So, similar is the working of Machine Learning where an organization let’s say Financial organization deals with multiple products and does the selling to their customers. Now, they want to take the next level of Business decisions and strategies to grow their business, so in short, organization in nutshell wants to know the future success story or how well they can align their business for better prospects. So, the data scientist or technologist take the customer business transaction data and feed it to the Machine Learning Software (playing the role of parrot) where internally in simple language is a package of different algorithms built out of statistical formulas and in turn output the predictive results on the basis to different past data trends and patterns fed.

Therefore, by this, Machine Learning tells and showcase the hidden patterns and share the predictions & could be the possible future by which organization leaders can align their Business Strategies well for the future growth of the business and better customer satisfaction.

Now, we are sure, it really does make sense by explaining it with Parrot fortune telling example.

To give you an example of Machine Learning software’s, to name a few in the market are SPSS, SAS and the latest GUI based Microsoft Solution on Cloud: Azure ML where you need not to be a data scientist or deep knowledge of the statistical algorithms, already the Task are predefined for the same, you just drag drop on the development pane, feed the data and it will give you the output result without any writing custom code, really amazing guys, we mean it.  

How it helps, to give you an example, let’s say in Medical Diagnosis: Given the symptoms exhibited in a patient and a database of anonymized patient records, predict whether the patient is likely to have an illness. A model of this decision problem could be used by a program to provide decision support to medical professionals. This is just one small example, the list is very long.

Hope this article helps you to understand what Machine Learning is…

Let us know in case of any questions.

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Difference between SMP and MPP, get to know here...

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Difference between SMP and MPP

Hello guys, these days there is a lot of Buzz round MPP, so thought to share what it stands for and what is the difference between SMP and MPP.

Hope this article helps you understand the basic fundamental…..

SMP: Firstly, SMP stands for Symmetric Multi-Processing.

It is the processing of programs by multiple processors that share a common operating system and memory. A Single copy of the Operating System is in charge for all the Processors Running in an SMP. SMP can also be called as tightly coupled system or "Tightly Coupled Multi-Processing".

SMP is better than MMP systems when Online Transaction Processing is done, in which many users can access the same database to do a search with a relatively simple set of common transactions. One main advantage of SMP is its ability to dynamically balance the workload among computers (as a result serve more users at a faster rate) and this works effectively and is a go to option to manage terabyte of data, however, to manage multifold terabyte of data, MPP is the best to go option.

Example of SMP: Microsoft Fast Track Datawarehouse

MPP: MPP stands for Massively Parallel Processing. It is the processing of programs by multiple processors that work on different parts of the program and share different operating systems and memories. These different processors which run, communicate with each other through message interfaces.

An Interconnected arrangement of data paths allow messages to be sent between different processors which run for a single application or product. The setup for MPP is more complicated than SMP. An MPP system can also be called as a loosely coupled system.

An MPP is considered better than an SMP for applications that allow a number of databases to be searched in parallel with humongous amount of data.

Example of MPP: Microsoft Parallel Datawarehouse (PDW) / Microsoft Analytics Platform System

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