What is Machine Learning…Even Kids will get to know post reading this post

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What is Machine Learning…

Learn in a hilarious way, what is Machine Learning…we are sure each and every one of you of any age group will get to know about Machine Learning, post reading this article….So, Happy Reading!!!

As we all know about Parrot fortune telling and you know what parrot does. Parrot sits before the fortune teller and the latter opens the cage and lets the parrot out. He instructs the parrot to pick a card for the patron. The parrot walks over to the cards, picks one from the stack or the spread with its beak and gives it to the astrologer. It then walks back inside its cage. The astrologer opens the card and based on the image tells the fortune of the patron.

Now, you might be thinking why we are telling all this and how it is related to machine learning, hahaha, the writer is crazy….Hold on your horses guys, you are about to understand the point…

So, similar is the working of Machine Learning where an organization let’s say Financial organization deals with multiple products and does the selling to their customers. Now, they want to take the next level of Business decisions and strategies to grow their business, so in short, organization in nutshell wants to know the future success story or how well they can align their business for better prospects. So, the data scientist or technologist take the customer business transaction data and feed it to the Machine Learning Software (playing the role of parrot) where internally in simple language is a package of different algorithms built out of statistical formulas and in turn output the predictive results on the basis to different past data trends and patterns fed.

Therefore, by this, Machine Learning tells and showcase the hidden patterns and share the predictions & could be the possible future by which organization leaders can align their Business Strategies well for the future growth of the business and better customer satisfaction.

Now, we are sure, it really does make sense by explaining it with Parrot fortune telling example.

To give you an example of Machine Learning software’s, to name a few in the market are SPSS, SAS and the latest GUI based Microsoft Solution on Cloud: Azure ML where you need not to be a data scientist or deep knowledge of the statistical algorithms, already the Task are predefined for the same, you just drag drop on the development pane, feed the data and it will give you the output result without any writing custom code, really amazing guys, we mean it.  

How it helps, to give you an example, let’s say in Medical Diagnosis: Given the symptoms exhibited in a patient and a database of anonymized patient records, predict whether the patient is likely to have an illness. A model of this decision problem could be used by a program to provide decision support to medical professionals. This is just one small example, the list is very long.

Hope this article helps you to understand what Machine Learning is…

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