Difference between SMP and MPP, get to know here...

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Difference between SMP and MPP

Hello guys, these days there is a lot of Buzz round MPP, so thought to share what it stands for and what is the difference between SMP and MPP.

Hope this article helps you understand the basic fundamental…..

SMP: Firstly, SMP stands for Symmetric Multi-Processing.

It is the processing of programs by multiple processors that share a common operating system and memory. A Single copy of the Operating System is in charge for all the Processors Running in an SMP. SMP can also be called as tightly coupled system or "Tightly Coupled Multi-Processing".

SMP is better than MMP systems when Online Transaction Processing is done, in which many users can access the same database to do a search with a relatively simple set of common transactions. One main advantage of SMP is its ability to dynamically balance the workload among computers (as a result serve more users at a faster rate) and this works effectively and is a go to option to manage terabyte of data, however, to manage multifold terabyte of data, MPP is the best to go option.

Example of SMP: Microsoft Fast Track Datawarehouse

MPP: MPP stands for Massively Parallel Processing. It is the processing of programs by multiple processors that work on different parts of the program and share different operating systems and memories. These different processors which run, communicate with each other through message interfaces.

An Interconnected arrangement of data paths allow messages to be sent between different processors which run for a single application or product. The setup for MPP is more complicated than SMP. An MPP system can also be called as a loosely coupled system.

An MPP is considered better than an SMP for applications that allow a number of databases to be searched in parallel with humongous amount of data.

Example of MPP: Microsoft Parallel Datawarehouse (PDW) / Microsoft Analytics Platform System

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