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You all must be wondering, an article on IT Training. What’s this?
Actually, we did a lot of research in the area and subject of QUALITY of Technical Education. To understand the same we went thru the data on internet and also we met in person while interacting with many students across different schools, colleges, among the professional and also with the parents who at last spend money on their child future.  
In this particular article, you will get know about the jotted down facts and will help you to understand going forward before you opt for any of the technical education or training.
In am very much keen to share and summarize in one line before you read out the facts is, BE PASSIONATE TO LEARN and LEARN FROM THE PASSIONATE. IF YOU ARE PASSIONATE, then the learner will also get success and at the same time mentor will also achieve success and growth.
Do you know?
In India Only
  • More than 3524 diploma and post diploma institutes: Actual enrollment near to ONE Million
  • 3495 Engineering colleges: Actual enrollment 1.2 million
  • Post graduate degree slots in Computer Science crossed 100,000
  • IT Engineering services to create ONE million additional jobs by 2020
  • India hold $110 billion outsources market
Do you also know?
  • Between a fifth to a third of the million students graduating out run the risk of being unemployed
  • In FY14, HR Consultants were short by 50,000 resources to hire
Do you know why?
  • Lack of technology awareness among the students, its practical implications and prospects
  • Lack of trained and experienced trainers in the prevailing market
  • Lack of Quality Technical Vision
  • Lack self-belief, confidence and clarity of thoughts

Why us?
  • Quality Technical education from Industry experts at your college itself having overall 20 k hours of training experience and 100 K hours of IT Consulting and Development experience globally
  • Amoeba Consultants are not only knowledgeable but easily translates a complex answer to the level of the student, which ensures comprehension. Our Consultants and trainers cares about accuracy of content to ensure comprehension and limit confusion
  • Real time project experience: feel the work and passion
  • Real time industry challenges – Communication, Behavioral and Analytical Skills
  • Seminars on latest Technologies and innovations
  • 100% Placement assistance
  • Judging the potential of each student and sharpening the skills and provide them a development path in their area of interest
  • Mock Interviews
So what are you waiting for, get a quality technical experience with our Industry Experts and fulfill your dreams and passion to execute it…
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