Amoeba Technologies truly believes let the business be small, large or growing one, everyone should have online presence and get benefits out of it

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                                                              Online Presence

As we all know this is an era of social networking and media and almost all of us are aware of online presence. Being our first article on online presence, let me tell you what online presence is. It is simply different ways one represents their business on the Web. That's correct – there are more than one ways to make your organizations online identity besides a website, further detail on this will tell you in the next series of articles. In the following section of this article, we would like to share a sought of current online research and prevailing pattern on businesses online presence. So, have a glance at it, and promote online use and presence and get benefitted…

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Do you know?

  • -> Web-enabled SMBs (Small and Medium Scale Business) gets benefitted with 51 percent higher revenue
  • -> 49 percent more profit
  • -> 7% increased customer base than their offline counterparts


Do you also know?
-> There are around 47 million SMB’s in India alone
-> Employ about 100 million
-> Contribute more than 8 percent of India’s GDP
-> BUT 95 percent are yet to establish a website itself

Why us?
We at Amoeba Technologies are a group of Technology Consultants who all work with the same vision and mission that is to understand the Business requirement and their processes, identify gaps and help our customers by adopting Information Technology to achieve greater heights at Business. Our key focus is always our customers and how they can be benefits on IT adoption and technology solution improvement and that too within time, quality and budget triangle.

Our Key Service Highlights:
  • High Customer satisfaction
  • Quality Project Delivery
  • Transparent Development Process
  • Within Budget services
  • Guaranteed benefit on investment
  • Extended Customer Support
We truly believe that all Businesses let it be any small or the growing one should have online presence and must adopt Technology of today’s era to grow their business in terms of revenue, profit and customer base.
So what are you waiting for, give us an opportunity to leverage your dreams and start gripping the Business benefits…
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