Does your School/College/University is having Student Management System in place..Learn about the benefits and How Amoeba Technologies solution helps...

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                                 Amoeba Student Management System
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What is Student Management System (SMS)?

In simple language, a student management system (SMS) is a software that allows you to record and manage all relevant information about students of an educational institution.
What’s the Need?
It is very much required to improve the quality standard of Teaching services, being more transparent, and bridging the Gap between students, teachers and parents. It overall helps to smoothen the Teaching services and overall governance and management of an educational institution be it for Students, Staff, Accounts, Hostel, and Parent Interaction, wherein educational institution can be a school, Degree or a Medical college, etc.
Why Us?
Firstly, Amoeba HMS is being built by our Industry experts and technology consultants over the period of time after interacting with many educationist, educational institutions and also with the inputs from several students and parents.
Amoeba Student Management System (SMS) is an influential solution which allows educational institutions to organize and integrate students, teachers, staff and parent in an effective and easy way thru a common platform.
Amoeba SMS is a powerful, flexible, an easy to use and is designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to Educations institutions. More importantly it is backed by reliable and dependable Amoeba Technologies support.
Key Features:
  • Student Registration
  • Each Student Identity Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Dietary Schedule Management
  • Online Payment Facility
  • Pay Roll Management
  • Examination Schedule Management
  • Examinations Result
  • Student Progress Management
  • Management Operational Reporting
  • Messaging Facility for Broadcasting News
  • Bridge the Gap between Parents and Teachers
  • Career Counselling
  • Solution flexible to customize on demand
So what are you waiting for, give us an opportunity to streamline the process and help to enhance the Teaching services standard along with you for a transparent and seamless Management facility for your institution.
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